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 Our fully licensed technicians can help you install and manage an efficient irrigation system. Click below for detail.

Raintech Irrigation Specialists
Rain sensor
& Pump Installation

Raintech can install rain sensors and pumps to your irrigation system. This enables you to manage your watering requirements and cut down on cost. Contact us for more info.

Raintech Irrigation Specialists
Lawn Irrigation

Our lawn irrigation system will be completed quickly and efficiently. If you're after 

healthier and thicker lawn, using controlled distribution of water, Contact us today.

Raintech Irrigation Specialists

Our team work with commercial and residential clients to develop a custom irrigation program tailored to the unique needs and budget of their business. We've worked on Rugby Stadiums, sports complexes & more.

Raintech Irrigation Specialists
Irrigation Design
& installation

From planning to installation. Our team can develop and design you the perfect irrigation system, specifically for your landscaping requirements.

Raintech Irrigation Specialists
Technical Support
Sales & Servicing

Our services don't end 

after installation. Our team are available for irrigation servicing sales and repair. Whatever the problem, we have the solution.