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With over 30 years of installation, repairing, electrical fault finding and servicing golf course irrigation, we offer the very best Rainbird products and product knowledge to golf courses throughout New Zealand.


From Auditing, fine tuning and adjustments to pumps and system installation, Raintech can help you get the most out of your irrigation and really push performance out on the field.


Our most recent accomplishment is a state of the art watering system, custom built to site for the Miter10 Mega teams of Hamilton Ruakura and Tauranga garden centers.

 From rain sensors to Wifi controllers, our team will design, install and help you manage the most efficient irrigation system for your home, insuring the life of your lawn and garden.

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From rain sensors and pumps to split pipe and damaged spray heads, we pride ourselves in repairs and servicing while forward thinking to avoid future issues and save you money.


Our services don't end after installation, we frequently respond to calls for low voltage electrical fault finding and controller technical difficulties, whatever the problem, we have the solution.


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Raintech Ltd was established in 2007 by previous golf course superintendent Steve Martin. Our technicians hold collectively over 50 years experience and are the no.1 technicians in the central north Island.


Raintech Ltd are recommended by all leading Irrigation suppliers in the country for both residential and commercial irrigation systems, from servicing and repairs to installation and electrical fault finding. 

Using only the leading Irrigation brands including (Rainbird, Toro and Hunter) and the most up to date technology, we are able to provide more sustainable, eco friendly and efficient irrigation solutions.

"Our goal is to provide New Zealand with the most experienced Irrigation technicians and technology that we can provide, always growing, learning and adapting with the world of Irrigation".


Steve Martin

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